Here's our speakers for TEDxNewtown 2019. 

Tanya Silveira

Neurologic Music Therapist

Tanya Silveira is a registered neurologic music therapist who is currently undergoing her PhD research with the National Music Therapy Research Unit at the University of Melbourne, which examines how functional electrical stimulation combined with iPad-based music therapy impacts the wellbeing of stroke survivors. Passionate and engaged in her profession, Tanya has successfully implemented music therapy programs on the physical rehabilitation of adults and children. Her clinical work and research is well recognised with a national and global scale, including the World Congress of Music Therapy conference in Vienna (2014) as well as the SmartStrokes conference, which led to a publication to the International Journal of Stroke.

Nell Greenwood

Educator, Writer and Creativity Advocate

Nell Greenwood is an educator, writer and creativity advocate with over 25 years of experience in screen education and international film and television production. She started out in content development and was Head of Development at the Irish Film Board, Natural Nylon Entertainment (home to Jude Law and Ewan McGregor) as well as Element Films (producers of 'The Favourite') before embarking on a career as a screenwriter. Her writing credits include 'False Witness' for UKTV (Foxtel), that won an AFI as well as 'Pride and Joy', which was nominated for Best TV Film at the 46th Monte Carlo TV Film Festival. Nell then pursue teaching and discovered a passion for education, in particular creativity. Currently, she is the Director of Curriculum at the Australian Film Television (AFTRS) and has completed a PhD at The University of Sydney on Creativity and Unconscious in the Screen Arts.

Lynne Testoni

Freelance Content Creator and Writer

Lynne Testoni is a freelance content creator and writer, with over 20 years of experience in print magazines such as Home Beautiful and Vogue Entertaining & Travel as well as over 5 years experience in senior marketing roles in retail and homewares.With her vast experiences that also span into the likes of architecture and design, see how she pintpoint the struggles of women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s - and how they can best take control of their career and the next chapter of their lives.

Peter Rohde

Australian Research Council Future Fellow at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

Dr Peter Rohde is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow in the Centre for Quantum Software & Information at the University of Technology, Sydney. His theoretical proposals have inspired several world-leading experimental efforts in optical quantum information processing. As a collaborator in China’s world-first quantum satellite program, he aided the design of quantum protocols for space-based demonstration. Rohde has worked at highly acclaimed institutes such as the University of Oxford and Institute for Molecular Biosciences, with over 60 publications and 1,500+ citations in quantum optics, quantum information theory, ecology, and politics.

Joe Dusseldorp

Surgeon & Entrepreneur

Dr Joe Dusseldorp is an Australian surgeon who is first in the country to implant a custom 3D printed ear for a number of young Australian children born with a missing ear. He studied under some of the most talented surgeons in the world and has honed his skills as a reconstructive plastic surgeon from Vietnam to France. Upon his return to Australia in 2018, Joe has already changed the medical landscape by offering procedures that patients would previously have needed to travel overseas to access. Excited by the rapid tech advancements of 3D printing, Joe is on a mission to create an app for patients to use within the comfort of their own home in an effort to offer a more personalised medical system.

Shalise Leesfield

Environmental Campaigner

Meet 13-year-old environmental campaigner Shalise Leesfield, who's 'Ocean Support' movement is inspiring change for her stance to protect marine life by ridding Australia's beaches of plastic debris and discarded fishing line. With an engaging use of visual props and compassionate storytelling, Shalise's campaign achieved nationwide coverage on Channel 10's 'The Project' as well as ABC's 'Behind the News'. Honored by the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian for her commitment to the environment, she is the first school-aged person to receive this state honour. On Australia Day this year, Shalise was also presented with the 2019 Environmental Citizen of the Year, yet another accolade in recognition of her passionate efforts to save the ocean from plastic use.

Ginny Monteiro

Scientist & Consultant

Dr Ginny Monteiro is a STEM scientist, an adventure cyclist and founder of Altitude Minds. She partners with leaders and organisations using brain and behavior science research to promote wellbeing, disrupt the change mindset and embrace diverse thinking. In 2015, whilst on a philanthropic solo cycling expedition, Ginny travelled through the villages in India to share her personal story and steps to change behaviors in an effort to inspire women to break the cycle of fear. Upon her return to Australia, she founded Cycle for Change, an initiative that raises funds to deliver a free, global leadership program for women freed from Human Slavery.

Leslie Rice

Tattoer & Painter

Leslie Rice was a professional tattoer for more than 15 years before he visited Art school and realised that everything he loved, was awful. After completing his BFA with honors at the National Art School in 2006, he began to make paintings that once exploited, celebrated and mocked his questionable taste. In 2007, he won the Doug Moran National Portrait prize (and again 2012). With features in both private and public collections as well as group and solo shows, prizes and film/television, Leslie expands his body of work into other mediums. He is currently writing two books and producing an arts and culture podcast, where he also continues to paint as well as teach at the National Art School, Sydney.

Kieran Crowe

Choreographer & Dancer

Kieran Crowe is a choreographer/dancer who marked the start of his career on Australia’s Got Talent in 2011 as a grand finalist with Instant Bun, an evolved version of his previous group, "Too Much Bun" - a youthful, comedic dance crew of like minded men. With his experiences working within the film and television industry including: X-Factor, Dancing With The Stars, Saturday Disney and much more – Kieran had the privilege of working with acclaimed music artists such as Charlie XCX, Little Mix as well as Delta Goodrem. Today, he is one of the directors of the “Buggy Bumpers”. They are a collective of multi-disciplined artists from Sydney that share a mutual, unbridled ambition to bring lasting joy into the lives of their audiences. Kieran aspires to alter what it means to perform to a crowd as well as recognise the role of the performer to liberate themselves on stage as well as the audience, from everyday suffering.

Tony Kiss

Leadership Culture Coach & Ex Mental Health Counselor

Tony is a Leadership Culture Coach & Ex Mental Health Counselor, and he is passionate about helping people connect with their values and find their purpose in life. Combining his degree in psychology with his entrepreneurial experience, public speaking passions and time spent in the entertainment industry - he's focused on helping people excel through leadership and life coaching. Tony lives and works by the philosophy that a 'well-connected, value-driven world inspires personal growth and love'.

Kate Harris

CEO of GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia)

Kate Harris is the CEO of GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and brings an extensive background in leadership, capacity building and education aimed at finding sustainable solutions for the future. Kate currently sits as the Non-Executive Director of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS), the Global Ecolabelling Network and Living Future Institute Australia as well as the Executive Member of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC). To add, she is also the founder of consulting firm Future Ready and a graduate of the Asialink Leaders Program.

Elena Lambrinos

Dance Teacher and Educator

Elena Lambrinos is a dance teacher and the proud owner of Dance Domain – a dance studio situated in the Inner West that is all about ‘dance done different’. She has recently completed a PhD at the University of Sydney in the Sociology of Education where her study explores different practices being taught and valorised in children’s dance classes and how they are developed over time. Her research in dance education highlights how often taken-for-granted educational experiences can be both enabling and limiting. As an advocate for inclusive and accessible dance education, Elena promotes progressive teaching strategies that help develop respectful individuals into communities that embrace being different. This year, she was awarded a place on the Inner West Council’s International Women’ Day Honour Roll for empowerment, equality, social justice and inclusion.

Lynette Natasha 

Workshop Host of Fear, Social Connection and Happiness

Lynette Natasha describes herself as a “storyteller and nice person” who brings honesty, humour and heart to her work. She has spent most of her career in branding and advertising as a Creative Copywriter; and currently bosses herself around in her home studio.

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

Performer: Spoken Word Artist

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa is a first generation Australian Sikh spoken word artist, educator, performer & human rights reformer. Her work predominantly provokes conversations around Australian identity, feminism, cultural confusions, and the power of uncomfortable conversations. In 2014, Sukhjit has gone from performing at the Opera House for the Australian Poetry Slam Competition to performing on national television for Australia’s Got Talent within a short period of time. She has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Missy Higgins and L-FRESH the Lion where her performances and workshops led her to tour globally from USA to South East Asia.


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