We are now TEDxNewtown!

Over the last three years, the TEDxHaymarket team has curated annual events, various salons, and workshops that bring unique and inspiring local speakers to share their “ideas worth spreading” to our community.
Reflecting on our recent event in October 2018 and what we as a team aspire to be, we realise that it is the time for us to make a change and start building a bigger platform to serve a broader community. After reviewing the naming guidelines from TED, analysing the community we want to engage, the topics we wish to showcase, as well as many back and forth discussion with the team in TED, we have decided on TEDxNewtown, as the most appropriate name for us to take forward!
One of the fundamental considerations of this name change is keeping our TEDx events relevant to the changing dynamics of the community. Over the last three years, with all the changes that happened to the global landscape and the progress that we have made as a community, the issues that we are facing as a community and as a generation has become more complex. This validates the need to change the name and the location of our event to cover the broader spectrum.
As the hub of the Inner West, Newtown is one of the most progressive areas in Sydney representing a wider spectrum of local topics and ideas, which is why we believe it is a more appropriate name for us to take forward.
In addition, we aspire to be the facilitators for community-driven ideas with diverse topics. Moving from Haymarket to Newtown allows us to showcase topics that we may not cover previously. We look forward to featuring stories and ideas from a more diverse background in our 2019 platform.
We are thrilled and excited to make the change happen and we look forward to bringing you a bigger and better 2019!  
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TEDxNewtown Team
TEDxNewtown, an independently organized TED event, dedicated to Inner West Sydney, bringing ideas worth sharing and driving actions matter locally. 



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