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TEDxHaymarket 2018: Reconnect

TEDxHaymarket 2018 is our annual flagship event featuring 7 incredible local speakers and 2 talented entertainers. It is the biggest event to date that the TEDxNewtown (previously TEDxHaymarket) team has run. Check here for the talks and performances.

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TEDxHaymarketSalon April 2018: Who should decide?

TEDxHaymarketSalon April 2018 tackle the big questions - Who should decide what news is important for us to see, or how technology influences our interactions? Who should decide how we're educated or what's present in the foods that we eat? What we should wear? Or how consumption impacts our environment?

An night we ask the difficult questions and explore the ansers together. 

TEDxHaymarketSalon November 2017: Perplexity

An intimate TEDx event, where we invite the audience to engage with 2 hand-picked social issues facing Sydney. Many individuals and organisations are working on ways to create social change and we believe it is important for TEDxHaymarket to be a platform to identify the key points of the issue and share solutions.

This was an event where we featured speakers who can provide perspectives and insight into the issues, evaluate if the initiatives we have taken as a society are relevant to them, and listen as they share their ideas on moving forward.

TEDxHaymarketSalon May 2017: Fostering the businesses of tomorrow

Our very first salon event to discuss unavoidable challenges to our future jobs growth and discuss ways to turn these challenges into opportunities. A robust discussion about how government, business, educational and community leaders work together on long-term business and society growth

TEDxHaymarket 2017: Thin, Act, Evolve

Our very first TEDxHaymarket event showcase ideas that will shape our perceptions and touch our lives, now and into the future.


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