Let's 'BREAK IT'

TEDxNewtown's theme for 2019.

The first-ever TEDx event that dedicates to Inner West Sydney is here! We're thrilled to announce that TEDxNewtown will be taking place on Saturday, 23rd of November at COMMUNE. Expect a full day of talks that inspire, workshops to learn new skills as well as fun activities to enjoy. 

This year, we look to BREAK boundaries, BREAK the rules, BREAK free and BREAK through all the challenges that we, as humans; experience at different stages in life. 

Check out our full event program for TEDxNewtown 2019.


Commune is a machine of collaboration within the creative industry that was founded on the beliefs of bringing people together to exchange ideas and experiences. It is where their spaces and events act as open platforms to learn, discover and engage with emerging thinkers and doers.

Mailchimp is an American marketing automation platform and an email marketing service.

Previously known as 'Collective Roasting Solutions' for four years, hosting educational and career-related events - the brand has evolved into more than just a solution for coffee roasters. Now known as the Ensemble of Coffee Research and Education (ECRE), they aim to become a community of coffee professionals seeking to create positive change within their industry. With a community of passionate individuals focused on creating a more sustainable industry for everyone, their transition from a roasting solution to an industry response helps to ensure a better future for coffee. Learn more about ECRE here.

Gelato Messina was found in 2002 in Darlinghurst, Sydney and sets the benchmark for gelato in Australia, with over 40 unique flavours, cakes and much more.

AV1 offer services across production management, audiovisual, digital media and event technology with a passion to design and produce events and experiences. 

Coverhero's purpose is to build the next generation of insurance to enable us to live a well-balanced life by re-designing insurance products across travel, life and health that is simple and easy to use through smart technology to suit our individual lifestyle. You can learn more here.



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